hCG Dieting: Should you Join the Bandwagon?

Do you want to get slim? Do you want to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of? Are you overweight and your self-esteem is hurt because of it? If so, then you need to go on a diet.

There are a lot of diet plans out there; there are diet plans that can be seen on the internet and some diet plans that a licensed physician can prescribe to you.hcg dieting The problem with most diet fads you see on the internet is that some of them are not effective. That is because there are certain limitations that make people want to quit easily.

But, there is a certain diet fad that people go crazy about. That is the hCG injection dieting. People who have tried it claims that they’ve lost a significant amount of fat while on the diet. So, should you join the bandwagon? Not so fast! Before you do, there are some things you need to know.

The premise of hCG dieting is that you are only allowed to take in a total of 500 calories per day. Also, you need to inject yourself with hCG everyday for 46 days. Now, that seems simple on paper, right? And maybe the 500-calorie diet is okay for you? But, hear me out.

hCG injections cost a lot of money. We are talking about thousands of dollars here. And, to make matters worse, the diet that you should be eating consist only of the worst that food has to offer.

We’re talking about flavorless food, the kind of food that you don’t want to take a second bite on. Couple that with injections that have shady results, and you’re in for some big trouble.

There is also a bit of confusion when it comes to hCG dieting. You see, hCG injections can only be administered to you by a licensed physician. If you are getting homeopathic hCG from supplement manufacturers, it is quite unclear if there is any hCG in it.

Moreover, people are skeptical about the true effectiveness of hCG dieting. With a 500-calorie diet, it seems that this alone is the contributor of such weight-loss and not the actual hCG.

Now, why are some people still claiming that it is effective? Well, hCG purportedly makes you feel less hungry, thus you eat less. Second, it is a pro-hormone, or a hormone that encourages optimum hormone production in the body. This translates to better fat burning mechanisms in the body since hormone deficiency is one of the leading causes of weight gain among people.

Lastly, people claim that you do not lose muscle while you’re on an hCG diet. This is because of the increased hormone production in the body.

So, should you join the bandwagon? My personal take is a big no. First of all, the people who are always pushing for this type of dieting are people who sell these products and injections. Furthermore, it is quite expensive, and you’re better off buying exercise equipment to lose weight.